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Gluten Free Rosemary and Garlic Bread (Bread Machine Recipe)

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Pane senza glutine al rosmarino e aglio, fatto con la macchina del pane

Pane Senza Glutine Veramente Delizioso - Truly Delicious Gluten Free Bread

The words "gluten free" and "good bread" don't often find themselves in the same sentence, but I swear that this recipe (which I make using a Breville bread maker) is honestly so good that you can't even tell there's no gluten in it. Look at those air pockets! The light and fluffy texture! The crisp edges! It's seriously what gluten free dreams are made of.

After I moved back to the U.S. from Italy in 2014, I noticed I was having trouble digesting gluten. I theorized that the quality of wheat products in Italy are of superior quality and healthier for the gut than wheat products here in the states, which would explain why I could eat it there but not here. I switched to a gluten free diet and felt much better. In later trips to Europe, though, I was tempted to test my hypothesis. During the summer of 2017, I spent three weeks in Portugal, Spain, and Italy and ate whatever my gluten-craving heart desired. I found that my theory was correct and I could stuff my face with pastries, pizza, pasta, etc. without having any consequences. So basically, I live the gluten free life at home and fantasize about the days when I can order whatever I want off the menu in Europe. And it really does feel like a fantasy now that traveling is totally off the table for the foreseeable future...... But we don't have to talk about that. This is about bread.

Did you know that in Italy, if you can provide documentation that you have Celiac Disease, the Italian government will reimburse some of your food expenses? Gluten free versions of food products usually cost more than the regular versions with gluten. This reimbursement is meant to help those with the disease lower their monthly food bills, which is a really nice idea. Of course, there are caveats - for example, women receive a lower monthly reimbursement amount than men, and that amount reduces once you are over 60 years old, but again....... This is about bread. We don't have to get into sexism and ageism here. Let's dive into the recipe.

La Ricetta - The Recipe

Gli ingredienti - the ingredients

  • latte intero ~ whole milk - 1 1/2 cups

  • burro ~ butter - 1/4 cup (1/2 stick)

  • miele ~ honey - 1/4 cup

  • 2 uova ~ 2 eggs

  • aceto di mele ~ apple cider vinegar - 1 teaspoon

  • farina senza glutine ~ gluten free flour - 3 cups

    • I use Bob Red Mill's gluten free 1:1 baking flour

  • sale ~ salt - 1 tablespoon

  • gomma xantano ~ xanthan gum - 1 1/2 teaspoons

  • lievito ~ yeast - 2 1/4 teaspoons

  • rosmarino secco ~ dried rosemary - 1/2 tablespoon

  • aglio tritato ~ minced garlic - 1 teaspoon

Step 1. Warm the milk and melt the butter in the microwave.

Step 2. Add all the ingredients to the bread machine pan in the order they are listed above. When adding the yeast, make a little pocket in the dry ingredients with your index finger and drop the yeast into the indentation.

Step 3. Set the bread machine to the Gluten Free setting and select the 2 lb. loaf. Press start.

Step 4. Wait three hours for the machine to work its magic. Enjoy the aroma filling your kitchen. That's it!

My favorite way to enjoy this super flavorful bread is by slicing tomatoes (especially wonderful summertime heirloom tomatoes), mashing a ripe avocado, ripping some fresh mozzarella, and using them to decorate a couple pieces of toast. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle flaky sea salt on top and you pretty much have a masterpiece. Che buono.

Buon appetito!!

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