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"I really appreciate studying with Olivia.  Her method and materials are clear, and she really knows how to help meet my learning goals."

Private Lesson Client

"I have learned a ton over the time I have been tutored by Olivia. And my grades definitely show it. I used to struggle on my class assignments and now I am getting A’s on them all.  It has also been really fun and interesting working with Olivia. I would recommend her to anyone learning Italian."

8th Grade Tutoring Client

"Olivia has been a wonderful tutor for our son.  She took time when starting with him to do an evaluation of his current knowledge base and started their session off immediately building on where he was at.  She’s created a wonderful, fun relationship with him so that now he really enjoys not only his tutoring sessions but his class time as well. His Italian teacher even commented how much more our son participates in class now. So glad we found Olivia!"

Happy Mom

Courses & Tutoring: Testimonials
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