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About Signorina O

Ciao! My name is Olivia. My passion for Italy started on my first trip to Tuscany when I was 13 years old. Since then, I have spent over two years in Italy, have obtained a Masters in Italian from Middlebury College, and have been teaching Italian for the last four years in the U.S.

Italy has given me some of the greatest gifts of my life - exquisite yet simple meals, unforgettable and breathtaking landscapes, people with whom I have forged lifelong, meaningful connections, and the space to carve out pieces of my identity I likely wouldn't have encountered without it. It is my belief that the world gets better when we are able to learn more about cultures and ways of life outside of our local bubbles. My hope is to be able to give you the confidence you need in order to begin or continue your Italian language journey and to learn from you along the way.

Whether you are interested in learning Italian, love to cook and learn about Italian food, or are looking for advice on planning your next trip to Italy, Signorina O has it all!

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